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What is BYOD?

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) refers to a technology strategy where students bring a personally owned device to school for the purpose of learning.

The term “device” refers to any mobile electronic technology, including assistive technologies, brought into the school, which is owned by the student, and which has the capability of connecting to the department’s Wi-Fi network.

There is much published research on the impact of one-to-one computer approaches in schools. A significant amount of this research has found many positive effects such as:

  • Students become more self-directed learners, more engaged and motivated
  • significant gains in attainment of 21st century skills, skills necessary for future employment prospects
  • changes to teacher delivery methods that better cater for students in the digital era.

With this in mind, there is little wonder that there is enthusiasm to continue with a one-to-one ratio of devices to students.

Kandos High School is part way through a staged introduction to a full school BYOD environment by 2019.

As part of the Kandos High School BYOD Policy, students and parents will be required to sign a BYOD Student Agreement.

Which students need devices?

As of February 2018, students in Years 7, 8, 11 and 12 are expected to bring their devices every day. Students in Years 9 & 10 will require devices later this year. 

What do I need to buy?

It is important that all students can access the computer-based lessons that their teachers will prepare. Because of this, only certain laptops are suitable for use at Kandos High School.  See our minimum device specifications for detail about which devices are suitable.

You do not need to buy a copy of Microsoft Office. As a NSW Public School Student, your child can download the Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote) from their Student Portal. 

Can I get financial support?

Kandos High School recognises that technology can be a financial burden on families. Any families concerned about this should contact the Principal directly to discuss the possibility of financial assistance.

Do students have to bring the laptop every day?

Yes. Teachers plan lessons that rely on the whole class having access to technology. While there are a limited number of laptops that can be borrowed from the School Library, this process is much slower and will reduce your child's learning time.

How much internet will they use at home?

Kandos High School recognises that many of our students do not have access to the internet outside of school hours, or that their access is limited. Students should talk to their teachers if they have concerns about this, as there are many ways this can be addressed.

For example, by using the Microsoft Office Desktops Apps, it is possible for students to do most of their work offline, then synchronise and back-up once they get to school in the morning. This will reduce the amount of internet download your student uses at home. 

I'm concerned about the weight of my child's backpack

We encourage parents and children who are worried about the weight of backpacks to enquire about renting a locker. A locker can be rented for one year for $5.00. Students can use the locker to store all paper books at school, meaning that only the laptop needs to be carried back and forth.

Who is responsible for the device at school?

The ultimate responsibility for the condition and safety of the device lies with the student. Kandos High School does not accept any liability in the case of property damage or theft.

What are the expectations for charging devices?

It is expected that students bring their devices to school fully charged. They should bring their charger to school as a back-up, however there are limited charging points in some classrooms so this option is not always available.

What can I do if the laptop has an issue?

In some circumstances, teachers or admin staff are available to help with minor issues. However, the owner is ultimately responsible for ensuring the laptop is in working condition. We encourage you to discuss warranties and repair policies with the vendor from whom you purchased the laptop.

How can I make sure that my child is safe online?

If you have any specific concerns, please feel free to contact the school.

There are many general resources available for parents, including:

All online activity that occurs over Department of Education internet connections is logged and archived, and can be made available in the event of a serious legal issue.

There are also parental controls available for Windows devices. For more information, see: