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Recommended Minimum Specifications for Devices

Note: these specifications are a minimum starting point, but can be exceeded if desired.

Device Type

Kandos High School recommends that students bring a laptop as their device, not a tablet or a phone.

Wireless connectivity

The department’s Wi-Fi network installed in high schools operates on the 802.11n 5Ghz standard. Devices that do not support this standard will not be able to connect.

Operating system

Microsoft Windows Operating System

Software and apps

It is the responsibility of the parent and student to ensure that their devices are protected by installing and regularly updating anti-malware and anti-virus software. This software is available in many free and paid versions, and we encourage you to discuss this with the vendor when purchasing a device.

Battery life

A minimum of 6hrs battery life to last the school day.

Memory and RAM

A minimum specification of 32 GB storage and 2 GB RAM (preferably 4 GB RAM minimum) to process and store data effectively.

Hardware features

At least one camera (front and rear is preferable) and a microphone.

Touch screen that is stylus compatible.

At least 1 USB port


Reasonable sized screen and a sturdy keyboard to enable continuous use throughout the day.

Other considerations

Casing: Tough and sturdy to avoid breakage.

Weight: Lightweight for ease of carrying.

Durability: Durable and strong.

Optional Accessories

Carry case: Supply a carry case or skin to protect the device.

Portable mouse: many student find this easier than using a trackpad. Students are not permitted to unplug a mouse from a school computer to use.

Insurance and warranty: Be aware of the terms of insurance policies/warranties for the device. The school will not accept responsibility for loss or breakage.

Back-up storage: Consider a portable hard drive as an appropriate source of back-up storage for essential documents, or using a cloud sync service such as Microsoft OneDrive.

Other Device Details

Technical Support

If you have an issue with your laptop, we are able to provide limited technical support here at school. Students can approach an appropriate teacher who should be able to resolve common issues. However, staff are not liable for any issues that may arise in the course of providing technical support. Any more complex issues will have to be referred to the point of sale or manufacturer.

Laptop Passwords

While the school can access and reset a student's school email password, we cannot reset a personal laptop password. We encourage parents to keep some record of your child's laptop password to prevent students from being locked out.