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Digital Devices and Online Services for Students

Acceptable Use of Technology at Kandos High School

The school aims to provide up-to-date technology for use in all parts of the curriculum. An active Technology Team has overseen the spending of many thousands of dollars, providing a wide range of equipment and facilities.

The following support, facilities and equipment are available to all our students:

• Over 150 computers for student and staff use

• iPads for student use

• Senior Laptops

• Network access in all buildings within the school

• Internet access available to every computer in the school

• Fileservers giving access to a wide range of the latest software

• Digital cameras and video cameras

• Data loggers and probes

• Interactive Screens

• Pod Casting Equipment

• 4 Computing pods with 16 laptops each for use in classrooms

• 3 Charging pods with iPads for use in classrooms

• TSO Technology Support Officer

As further developments are made, our school will continue to incorporate the latest aids to support teaching and learning for our students.

You will appreciate that we have a great deal invested in financial and human resources in our attempt to provide the best technological facilities for your child. To encourage students to think carefully about their use of these facilities and to remind them very clearly of their responsibilities, we are requesting that both students and parents sign the following agreement on the acceptable use of technology at Kandos High School.

The term “device” refers to any mobile electronic technology, including assistive technologies, brought into the school, which is owned by the student, and which has the capability of connecting to the department’s Wi-Fi network.

There is much published research on the impact of one-to-one computer approaches in schools. A significant amount of this research has found many positive effects such as:

  • Students become more self-directed learners, more engaged and motivated
  • significant gains in attainment of 21st century skills, skills necessary for future employment prospects
  • changes to teacher delivery methods that better cater for students in the digital era.

With this in mind, there is little wonder that there is enthusiasm to continue with a one-to-one ratio of devices to students.