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Mobile Phone and Smart Devices Policy and Procedure

These procedures promote the learning, safety and wellbeing of students and the management of any risk of harm and distraction from the use of digital technology accessed via a mobile phone, smart watch, or other personal electronic device. Kandos High School has made the decision to go mobile phone free for students at the commencement of Term 4, 2023.

Our school has officially launched an "Off and Away" mobile phone policy. The policy extends beyond the classroom to include all areas of the school, encompassing all transition time between classes, in toilets, during Lunch 1 and Lunch 2, during extracurricular activities such as school excursions and camps. The "Off and Away - Gate to Gate" policy means that student mobile phones are not to be seen or used while on school grounds. If students breach the policy, consequences will apply, including confiscation of their device and parent/carer contact.

For more information please refer to our Mobile Phone and Smart Device Policy and Procedure (PDF 821KB)

Off and Away - Gate to Gate Poster